Delco Radio Repairs  

 Delco Radio Repairs are our Specialty

Delco Radios

Repairs (from 1965 & up)
Delco Electronics
Bose Speakers and Amplifiers
VDO Speedometers
Power Antennas

2001, 2002 Precision Radio
12134 Colwick
San Antonio, TX 78216
35 years experience in Radio repair
25 years experience on GM warranty repair

At our repair facilities, we care about quality and fairness. If you send us a radio, we won't charge you for non-existent repairs. If there is nothing wrong, we will tell you.  We stock remanufactured CD mechanisms for many models, so many times we can ship your repaired radio out the next day. Take a look on the left for some of the items we repair. Our prices are very competitive, give us a try. 

Give us a call at 210-979-0905 or E-mail us

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